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2006 Grand Canyon Star Party

Jane, Mojo, and Barry at the North Rim

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Jane Houston Jones and Morris Jones of the Old Town Sidewalk Astronomers along with Barry Peckham of Litebox Telescopes and the Hawaiian Astronomical Society decided to go north this year for the annual Grand Canyon Star Party.

We stayed for three nights at Kaibab Lodge, 18 miles north of the canyon, June 19-22. On Monday June 19, we gave a talk and star party for about 30 lodge guests from the edge of the beautiful meadow at Kaibab Lodge.

Tuesday and Wednesday we joined the main star party at North Rim Lodge, and gave talks in the lodge auditorium. We set up two big Litebox dobsonians on the western sun deck where we could see Saturn in the early part of the evening, and showed Saturn to appreciative canyon visitors. Later we did sky talks and gave views of Jupiter and several bright beautiful deep sky objects.

Grand Canyon Panorama from Cape Royal
The view from Cape Royal on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The panorama is stitched together from eight pictures.