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July 2006 Star Party at Yosemite

Sorry about the long horizontal scroll! This is a 360 degree panorama stitched together with Panorama Factory from 23 individual photos, taken on top of Sentinel Dome in Yosemite National Park.

The thumbnail panorama above is 2,000 pixels wide. The full size panorama is 17,000 pixels wide. Click the panorama above to download the 4 megabyte full size version.

Each photo album has pages of four photos each, 360x240 pixels. Click the small photo for a 1200x800 version. The photos were taken with a Canon EOS 20D, with a Canon 17-85 IS-USD lens. RAW images were processed with Raw Shooter Premium.

Star Party Pictures (7 pages)

The San Jose Astronomical Association was pleased to support the "Stars Over Yosemite" program again at Glacier Point on July 21-22, Friday evening had a lovely clear sky, even after a thunderstorm passed over Glacier Point just three hours before sunset. Saturday wasn't so lucky, but offered some spectacular views of Yosemite Park as a thunderstorm formed and passed very near the point.

Hsin I Huang took a group photo of the astronomers attending the Friday evening star party.

Yosemite Vacation Pictures (14 pages total)

First seven pages, the trail from Glacier Point Road to Sentinel Dome
The Panorama Trail, and Glacier Point (four pages)
Mariposa Grove (three pages)

Photos by Morris "Mojo" Jones and Jane Houston Jones. Copyright © 2006 Morris Jones