June 2007 Grand Canyon and Bryce » Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - North Rim Grand Canyon

Quiet day at the Kaibab Lodge, Barry and Jane give talks at the North Rim Lodge, and telescopes at the Grand Canyon Star Party.

Jane checks her email.
John catches some ZZZ's.
Barry brought a book.
The Winchester lounge at Kaibab Lodge.
Of course, I was playing with pictures, and taking a few.
It's a comfy place to spend the morning.
Barry and Jane with Mojo's 14-inch tucked away on the...
Barry and Jane.
Scenic overlook at the North Rim.
John and Margie, organizer of the North Rim star party.
Barry did a talk on Arcturus.
Barry's star talk at the North Rim Lodge.
John holds court as people get views of Venus in the...
John with Alex and Sandra from Baton Rouge.
John and visitors for the Grand Canyon Star Party.
Barry showing Venus.
Sandra from Baton Rouge and John Dobson.
Telescopes Tonight!
Visitors get a look at a crescent Venus.
John chats while visitors observe Venus.
Barry Peckham.
An NGT-18 had equipment troubles.
Looking down on the east patio at the Grand Canyon Star...
Jane had a full house for her Cassini talk, and a very...
Jane gave her Cassini talk to a packed house in the North...

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