June 2007 Grand Canyon and Bryce » Wednesday, June 13, 2007 - Telescope work at Kaibab Lodge

Jane volunteers to clean a mirror and tune up the Kaibab Lodge telescope, and holds a star party at the lodge.

Jane inspects the Winchester's 8-inch dob.
Working on removing the mirror cell for cleaning.
Wow, that's a dirty mirror!
A light rinse to start.
Most of the debris gone.
Light draw of cotton with very dilute detergent solution.
Wicking off the final drops.
Now it's time to reinstall the mirror.
Collimating the Winchester's 8-inch dob as the Villas...
Showing the new screw that had to be installed to replace...
A Piute Indian shelter on the meadow near Kaibab Lodge.
Mojo aligns the finder.
Barry and Mojo set up Jane's 17.5-inch before going to...
The Winchester's 8-inch dob all tuned-up and ready for a...
Jane's 18-inch serves as an ad for the night's stargazing.
Telescope viewing tonight!
This couple brought their truss-tube dob to Kaibab for...

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