June 2007 Grand Canyon and Bryce » Thursday, June 14, 2007 - Orderville Mine Rock Shop

Jane said, "Rock shop!" John said, "Oh look, pieces of planet!"

The Orderville Mine Rock Shop, like Christmas for Jane...
Jane picked out two lovely pieces of petrified wood.
Snowflake Obsidian
Barry looks through the glass and obsidian.
Caution! Glass and obsidian sharp! Ask for assistance....
Rainbow Glass
Rainbow Glass
Rainbow Slate
Looking through the yard.
Enormous geodes.
Geodes and other goodies.
Petrified wood.
Dino Dung!
Rainbow Slate
Glass & Obsidian Very Sharp!
Clear glass and obsidian.
Picasso Marble
Rose Quartz
Milk crates full of petrified wood.
Inside the shop.
Inside the shop.
Petrified wood
20% off for Citrine
Polished petrified wood slices.
Mosasaur Jaw
Megalodon teeth
Mosasaur Jaw
Andalusiana Trilobite
Barry picked out these two polished rock eggs.
Inside a huge geode.

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