June 2007 Grand Canyon and Bryce » Saturday, June 16, 2007 - Queen's Garden Trail

Walking Queen's Garden trail in Bryce Canyon National Park

Sunrise Point, Elevation 8050
Hoodoos along the Queen's Garden trail.
John, Barry, and Jane on the easy part (downhill).
Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon.
A lone pine clings to the rock.
Look for the visitors at the overlook on the right. ...
Interesting Hoodoo.
Sorry, no food for you!
Looking down into Bryce Canyon amphitheater.
Bryce Canyon.
Love the roots.
Queen's Garden trail.
Bryce Canyon amphitheater.
I bet these roots were once underground.
The white soil is typical for Bristlecone Pine habitats.
Checking the trail guide.
Who called this meeting?
Interesting plants.
Some trail maintenance equipment left behind along the...
Almost like driftwood.
The Queen Victoria structure.
The QUEEN VICTORIA formation is one example of the many...
Cool shade for John and Barry.
Detail of a Hoodoo.
Context for the previous picture.
A couple at Queen's Garden trail end enjoyed chatting...
End of trail.
The intrepid hikers.
Heading back up the trail.
One wonders how long that tree will survive.
Bristlecone Pines!
Up close of the Bristlecone Pines.
Scraggly Bristlecones.
Bristlecone Pines.
Sad looking small Bristlecone.
You can see the white soil characteristic of Bristlecone...
It looks like the Hoodoos are growing among the pines.
That Hoodoo looks a little like Nefertiti.
Pine tree among the Hoodoos.
John is always a babe magnet.
Horses coming back up the trail.

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